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Hello! My name is Sneha Singla, thank you so much for stopping by my website.


Jellyfish Pottery was founded in 2018 and was created out of my sheer passion for slow living. My work style includes hand-building and throwing on the wheel. At my manufacturing and design studio based in Mumbai, India, each piece is handcrafted by me. My pieces are usually one of a kind as I constantly experiment with new techniques and styles.


I spent 8 years working in the design industry where I had "safe jobs", but they weren't any bit fulfilling. I quit my previous job as a visual merchandiser and took time off to declutter my life and my mind. That's when I enrolled in a 10-day pottery workshop and I instantly fell in love. I've always preferred working with my bare hands over creating digital art. Working with clay has been therapeutic to me as it taught me how to appreciate imperfections and let go of things that are beyond my control.


To think of it, pots are just like people. Their organic shape defines their journey of creation. The rough edges, the dents, the textures, the brush strokes, the flow of a glaze, defines their personality. I could make a hundred of the same kind, but no two will be identical.


I seek inspiration from nature, be it the corals or the forests or the sky. I enjoy creating different textures with random everyday objects. These textures interact with your hand when you hold the piece. It's not just a product of clay, it’s a feeling, it’s a connection.


I hope when you own a Jellyfish Pottery product, it adds a moment of slow living to your everyday life; while bringing across the same feeling of love and warmth that I put into it.


K-5, Sharad Industrial Estate

Lake Road

Bhandup West



Sneha Singla


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